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Unvented Hot Water Systems

Focus Plumbing and Heating are specialists in un-vented cylinder and traditional hot water cylinder installations. We are fully certified and have installed a large number of hot water cylinders to homes on the Isle of Wight. Call us on 872255 for a free quote and advice on what type of cylinder installation is most suitable for your property.

Un-vented cylinders are high pressure hot water storage systems that provide a highly efficient way of storing and distributing domestic hot water throughout your home at mains pressure.

Because water comes directly from the mains supply, and not from a cold water storage cistern/tank, the flow rate and pressure from an unvented cylinder to the outlets (taps and shower heads) is much greater than from the storage tank fed open vented cylinder.

Unvented hot water cylinders are ideal for properties with a single bathroom/shower or several bathrooms as they can provide flow rates in excess of 22 litres per minute and meet demand for simultaneous use of hot water from different outlets.

An un-vented hot water cylinder can be directly heated by electric emersion heaters or indirectly heated by a central heating boiler.

Megaflo is the brand leader in un-vented domestic water heating and is manufactured by Heatrae Sadia. There are also other very good makers of hot water cylinders in the market - please call us for any advice on the type of cylinder best suited for your property.